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Life from a newborn’s perspective: A personal blog by Miss Olive “Lolly” Lin

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Grandparents are here!!

My mom’s parents, aka my grandma and grandpa are here! They are helping my mom because my daddy is out of town. I am so happy! My grandma and grandpa know how to make me feel good and also take care of my eczema. Today we went on two walks outside and also washed my…

Busy busy!!!

I have been so busy I haven’t had time to post!! These past few days I have grown so much and am now officially a 3 month old! I love talking, smiling, and laughing with my parents. I still love reading and have also discovered a new love of watching Cocomelon and singing the songs…

Eating woes

I’m not eating as much these days and my parents are confused. It’s because I am growing and developing mentally, and now I get distracted by my bottle and hands. I will go to the doctor on Thursday and she will measure my weight to see how much I have grown!

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