Busy busy!!!

I have been so busy I haven’t had time to post!! These past few days I have grown so much and am now officially a 3 month old! I love talking, smiling, and laughing with my parents. I still love reading and have also discovered a new love of watching Cocomelon and singing the songs with my parents all day. My neck and back strength is also much better and I can do tummy time for almost 10 minutes at a time!! My energy is high and I kick my legs and pound my arms against my sides when I feel excited—which is often:) I love my parents:) they are truly the best.

Some other life updates- this week I am trying a hypoallergenic formula to solve some of my eczema problems. The formula isn’t bad and I know it’ll help me in the long run! Plus, my mommy is less stressed about providing breastmilk for me and that makes me very happy. When my mom is happy, I am happy!!! I will update more later this week and also this weekend because my maternal grandparents are coming to visit again yay!!!


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