Grandparents are here!!

My mom’s parents, aka my grandma and grandpa are here! They are helping my mom because my daddy is out of town. I am so happy! My grandma and grandpa know how to make me feel good and also take care of my eczema. Today we went on two walks outside and also washed my hair to help get rid of cradle cap. We also played lots of games and I got to sit at the dining table for all the meals!! Yay! I am SO happy. Please don’t leave me grandma and grandpa!!


Busy busy!!!

I have been so busy I haven’t had time to post!! These past few days I have grown so much and am now officially a 3 month old! I love talking, smiling, and laughing with my parents. I still love reading and have also discovered a new love of watching Cocomelon and singing the songs with my parents all day. My neck and back strength is also much better and I can do tummy time for almost 10 minutes at a time!! My energy is high and I kick my legs and pound my arms against my sides when I feel excited—which is often:) I love my parents:) they are truly the best.

Some other life updates- this week I am trying a hypoallergenic formula to solve some of my eczema problems. The formula isn’t bad and I know it’ll help me in the long run! Plus, my mommy is less stressed about providing breastmilk for me and that makes me very happy. When my mom is happy, I am happy!!! I will update more later this week and also this weekend because my maternal grandparents are coming to visit again yay!!!


Today I took a super long nap in the afternoon, and therefore didn’t get my last nap in. I was way overtired and spent the hour from 9-10 pm crying crying crying. My parents didn’t know what was wrong..but I was just overtired and didn’t know how to express my frustration. My parents were also stressed today because there was a huge thunderstorm and lighting stuck the house?? A piece of the roof might have come daddy needs to get that checked ASAP! Well.. tomorrow is Monday again—another week begins!!

I’m a good actress:)

I’ve discovered that I’m a good actress:) I tricked my mommy and daddy into thinking I was hungry right before bedtime, but I really just wanted to keep on playing!! They made me a small bottle which I pretended to drink and then I just smiled at them:)) 😉

Soon they caught onto my antics and put me straight to bed. I was crying and crying, but really I was very tired. Let’s see how I can mess with them tomorrow ..;)

I love my daddy

My daddy is the best. He always helps me fall asleep. When I am crying in my bassinet, my daddy will sit beside me and comfort me to make sure I feel safe and secure when falling asleep. He is the best!! Also, today is Friyay! The weekend is finally here and I am officially 12 weeks old. I also can’t believe it is already October 1. That means next week I will be 3 months old!! 😯 wow!!

A new book!

Today my daddy read a new book to me. It is called “Are you my mother?” I loved it!! At night I get to spend time with both my mommy and daddy and it makes me so happy. We read, sing, dance, and play all night until I am tired and then I go to sleep.

During the day today I didn’t nap much at all. It’s because I am growing and want to keep engaging with the world! My mommy took me outside today and I spent 10 minutes just looking around at everything in the neighborhood. The weather was perfect as well, I felt the breeze in my little hairs 🙂

Bedtime routines

I’m starting to enjoy my bedtime routine with my parents!! Here is the routine:

1) feed me dinner around 7:30/8pm

2) burp me for 15 min

3) change my diaper

4) wash my face and put on lotion

5) swaddle me

6) read me “Goodnight Moon”

7) pacifier and sleep!:))

Then I go to sleep by 9:30 pm or so..sometimes:) hehe this routine only works sometimes, but that’s everything with me these days! I’m just a baby so things can change day by day:)

Happy anniversary mom and dad!!

Today was my mommy and daddy’s wedding anniversary! They celebrated by eating Chinese food and playing with me for a long time—I was so happy today. I’m happy they are my parents and I can be their baby 🙂

I did tummy time for a LONG time today—my neck and back muscles are getting so strong! it makes me more confident too. During tummy time my mommy plays my favorite song “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and holds a toy for me to look at. Tummy time gives me a new view of the world and sets a foundation for crawling.

I am also slowly beginning to reach for toys since my hand/eye coordination is starting to develop. Everyday my mind and body get a little stronger -yay!:)